Sidebar View

The sidebar view has 2 columns, a wide one and a smaller one on the right.

This view doesn’t have support for badges.

To change a view to edit mode, or to change the location of a card, enable edit mode: Click the menu (three dots at the top right of the screen) and then Edit Dashboard.

You can set if a card should be placed in the main (left) column of the sidebar column (right), by pressing the arrow right or left arrow in the bar underneath the card.

On mobile all cards are rendered in 1 column and kept in the order of the cards in the config.

View config:

Configuration Variables

type string Required


Cards config:

Configuration Variables

view_layout.position string (Optional)

The position of the card, main or sidebar


The position of the card is configured using YAML with the view_layout option:

type: sidebar
  - type: entities
      - media_player.lounge_room
      position: sidebar