SwitchBot Cloud

The SwitchBot Cloud integration allows you to control SwitchBot devices connected through the SwitchBot hub.


In order to use this integration, you will need at least a SwitchBot Hub and a SwitchBot account to get a token and secret key from the SwitchBot mobile app in Profiles > Preferences > Developer Options. If Developer Options is not present in preferences, tap the App Version (e.g. 6.24) several times (5~15 times) in succession to open the Developer Options.

Please note, device names configured in the SwitchBot app are transferred into Home Assistant.


To add the SwitchBot Cloud integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Supported devices

  • Plug (Wi-Fi only, only available in Japan)
  • Plug Mini, both the original and HomeKit-enabled
  • IR appliances exposed through the different hubs excepted “Others” (State is inferred from previous commands in Home Assistant and might not reflect reality if you use other ways to control the device)
Only the switch platform is currently supported.