The Withings integration consumes data from various health products produced by Withings.

Create a Withings developer account

You must have a developer account to distribute the data. Create a free developer account.

Values for your account:

  • Logo: Any reasonable picture will do.
  • Description: Personal app for collecting my data.
  • Contact Email: Your email address
  • Callback Uri: https://my.home-assistant.io/redirect/oauth.
  • Company: Home Assistant

Once saved, the “Client Id” and “Consumer Secret” fields will be populated. You will need these in the next step.


To add the Withings integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Data updates

The integration will automatically detect if you can use webhooks. This will enable the integration only to update when there is new data. The binary sensor for sleep will only work if the integration can establish webhooks with Withings.