Starting Assist from your dashboard

If you are using Home Assistant in kiosk mode, for example if you have a tablet mounted on the wall, the Assist icon in the top right corner is not accessible. In this case, use a dashboard button to start Assist.

To add an Assist button to the dashboard

  1. On your dashboard, select Add card and select the Button card.
  2. Clear the Entity field and give the card a name, such as Assist - listen.
  3. Select an icon, such as mdi:account-tie-voice.
  4. From the Action dropdown menu, select Assist.
  5. From the Assist dropdown menu, select the assistant you want to use, for example Home Assistant Cloud.
    • You can use any assistant you have previously set up.
    • If you have assistants in different languages, you can add a button for each of these languages.
  6. If you are using Assist with your voice, enable Start listening.
    • If you don’t want to use voice but just want to type, you do not need to enable listening.
  7. Save your new button card.