Edit the dashboard

First contact with the Overview dashboard

The procedure below is optional. The idea is to learn some basics on changing the dashboard.

To change a card on the Overview dashboard

  1. To view your dashboard, go to Overview.

    • Your dashboard might not have much on it yet.
    • If you have smart home devices in your home, some may have been connected automatically.
    • In this example, some Bluetooth temperature sensors and an AV receiver connected automatically.
    • Some cards are there by default, such as the weather, a card for the person who set up the system, and the text-to-speech service.

    Dashboard after onboarding a new device

  2. To view the weather forecast for the next few days, select the weather card.

    Weather details

  3. To change the units used on the card, select the cogwheel.

    • Change the units if you like.
    • Do not change any of the other settings for now.
    • Once you are done, select Update. Weather details
  4. To change the type of dashboard card, select the three-dots, then Device info.

    • Under Sensors, select Add to dashboard, then Pick different card. Dashboard - change the card type
  5. From the list, select Weather forecast.

  6. Select the details to be shown on the card. Dashboard - change the card details

    • Save your changes
    • You now see the forecast card on the dashboard.
  7. Now let’s delete the other weather card.

    • In the top right corner, select the three-dot menu, then select Edit dashboard. Dashboard - edit the dashboard
    • On the card, select the three-dot menu and select Delete. Dashboard - delete card
  8. Finally, we want to move the weather card to the top left corner.

    • On the bottom of the card, select the number or use the minus button to enter 1.
    • Repeat this on other cards, if you want to move them around.
    • When you are done, in the top right corner, select Done.
  9. Congratulations! You have completed your first dashboard customization.

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