The gitlab_ci sensor platform integrates results reported by CI/CD Pipeline Jobs in GitLab.


You will need a GitLab repository ID. On the Details page for your GitLab repository, just below the project name is Project ID:.

Alternatively, you can use GitLab_Username/GitLab_RepositoryName, e.g., MyCoolUsername/MyCoolRepository.

A GitLab token with at least the API permission scope is needed, which can be created on the GitLab Personal Access Tokens page of your GitLab User Settings.


To enable this platform, please add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: gitlab_ci
    gitlab_id: YOUR_GITLAB_ID

Configuration Variables

gitlab_id string Required

The GitLab repository identifier.

token string Required

The GitLab API token.

name string (Optional, default: GitLab CI Status)

Sensor name as it appears in Home Assistant.

url string (Optional)

The GitLab repository URL. Used for self-hosted repositories.