Entity integration platform options

These options are being phased out and are only available for single platform integrations.

Some integrations or platforms (those that are based on the entity class) allow various extra options to be set.

Entity namespace

By setting an entity namespace, all entities will be prefixed with that namespace. That way, light.bathroom can become light.holiday_house_bathroom.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: your_lights
    entity_namespace: holiday_house

Scan interval

Platforms that require polling will be polled in an interval specified by the main integration. For example, a light will check every 30 seconds for a changed state. It is possible to overwrite this scanning interval for any platform that is being polled by specifying a scan_interval configuration key. In the example below, we set up the your_lights platform but tell Home Assistant to poll the devices every 10 seconds instead of the default 30 seconds.

# Example configuration.yaml entry to poll your_lights every 10 seconds.
  - platform: your_lights
    scan_interval: 10