Using automation blueprints

Automation blueprints are pre-made automations that you can easily add to your Home Assistant instance. Each blueprint can be added as many times as you want.

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Blueprint automations

Automations based on a blueprint need to be configured. What needs to be configured differs on each blueprint.

  1. To create your first automation based on a blueprint, go to Settings > Automations & Scenes > Blueprints.
  2. Find the blueprint that you want to use and select Create Automation.
    • This opens the automation editor with the blueprint selected.
  3. Give it a name and configure the blueprint.
  4. Select the blue Save Automation button in the bottom right corner.

Done! If you want to revisit the configuration values, go to Settings > Automations & Scenes > Blueprints.

Importing blueprints

Home Assistant can import blueprints from the Home Assistant forums, GitHub, and GitHub gists.

  1. To import a blueprint, first find a blueprint you want to import.

    • If you just want to practice importing, you can use this URL:
  2. Go to Settings > Automations & Scenes > Blueprints.

  3. Select the blue Import Blueprint button in the bottom right.

    • A new dialog will pop-up asking you for the URL.
  4. Enter the URL and select Preview.

    • This will load the blueprint and show a preview in the import dialog.
    • You can change the name and finish the import.

The blueprint can now be used for creating automations.

Keeping blueprints up to date

Blueprints created by the community may go through multiple revisions. Sometimes a user creates a blueprint, the community provides feedback, and new functionality is added.

While there’s no built-in functionality to update a blueprint you’ve already imported, you can manually edit its YAML content to keep it up to date:

  1. Navigate to the blueprints directory (blueprints/automation/). The location of this directory depends on the installation method. It’s similar to how you find configuration.yaml.
  2. Next, you must find the blueprint to update. The path name of a blueprint consists of:
    • The username of the user that created it. The name depends on the source of the blueprint: the forum, or GitHub.
    • The name of the YAML file. For the forum it’s the title of the topic in the URL, for GitHub it’s the name of the YAML file.
  3. Open the YAML file with your editor and update its contents.
  4. Reload the automations for the changes to take effect.

The new changes will appear to your existing automations as well.

Finding new blueprints

The Home Assistant Community forums have a specific tag for blueprints. This tag is used to collect all blueprints.

Visit the Home Assistant forums

Creating new blueprints

Using blueprints is nice and easy, but what if you could create that one missing blueprint that our community definitely needs?

Learn more about blueprints by reading our tutorial on creating a blueprint.

Troubleshooting missing automations

When you’re creating automations using blueprints and they don’t appear in the UI, make sure that you add back automation: !include automations.yaml from the default configuration to your configuration.yaml.