The life360 integration allows you to detect presence using the unofficial API of Life360.


You must first create a Life360 account. Individual Members must enable Location Sharing in their Life360 app to show up as a tracked entity in Home Assistant.

When adding your Life360 account to Home Assistant, you must use the email address associated with your Life360 account, not the phone number.


To add the Life360 integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Account options

Account Options

item description
Limit GPS accuracy Check this box to limit location updates based on location accuracy
Max GPS accuracy If location’s accuracy circle is larger than this value (i.e., less accurate than this limit) the update will be ignored (always specified in meters)
Set driving speed threshold Check this box to force driving attribute to be True if the speed attribute is at or above specified value
Driving Speed Speed threshold (mph or kph, depending on Home Assistant Unit System selection)
Show driving as state Check this box to change entity state to “Driving” when driving attribute is True

Additional attributes

Life360 entities will have the following attributes in addition to the usual device_tracker ones:

Attribute Description
address Address of the current location, or none.
at_loc_since Date and time when first at current location (in UTC.)
battery_charging Device is charging (true/false.)
driving Device movement indicates driving (true/false.)
last_seen Date and time when Life360 last updated device location (in UTC.)
place Name of Life360 Place where the device is located, or none if not located within one.
speed Estimated speed of device (in MPH or KPH depending on Home Assistant’s unit system configuration.)
wifi_on Device Wi-Fi is turned on (true/false.)

Home - Home Assistant vs. Life360

Normally Home Assistant device trackers are “Home” when they enter zone.home. Also, Life360 normally considers your device “Home” when it enters the Place that coincides with your home. Since the definitions of these areas can be different, this can lead to a disagreement between Home Assistant and Life360 as to whether or not you’re “Home.” To avoid this, make sure these two areas are defined the same – i.e., same location and radius. (See next section.)

Home Assistant Zones & Life360 Places

See Zone documentation for details about how Home Assistant zones are defined. If you’d like to create Home Assistant zones from Life360 Places (e.g., to make Home Assistant’s zone.home be identical to Life360’s “Home Place”), make sure logger is set to debug. Then when Home Assistant starts the details of all the Places defined in the Circles will be written to home-assistant.log in a format that can be copied into your configuration under zone:. E.g., you would see something like this:

2022-05-24 13:07:54 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.life360] Circle: My Family
2022-05-24 13:07:54 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.life360] Places from My Family:
- name: Home
  latitude: XX.XXX
  longitude: YY.YYY
  radius: ZZZ

Polling Location

A button is also provided that has the ability to poll for a user’s location when pressed.


It does not appear that Life360 officially supports its REST API for use with other than its own apps. This integration is based on reverse engineering that has been done by the open source community, and an API token that was somehow discovered by the same community. At any time Life360 could disable that token or otherwise change its REST API such that this integration would no longer work.