The mvglive sensor will give you the departure time of the next bus, tram, subway, or train at the next station or stop in the Munich public transport network. Additional details such as the line number and destination are present in the attributes.


To enable this sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: mvglive
     - station: STATION_OR_STOP_NAME

Configuration Variables

station string Required

Name of the stop or station. Visit the MVG live web site to find valid names. Be aware, that not all data of interest might be available (i.e., bus departure-times in Haar).

destinations list (Optional)

One or multiple final stop names, e.g., ‘Feldmoching’ or [‘Feldmoching’,‘Harthof’]. This can be used to only consider a particular direction of travel.

directions list (Optional)

Filter by direction of the departure. For Tram, Bus, SEV, and S-Bahn, direction = destination. For U-Bahn trains, directions are more general. For U1, U2, U3 and U6, direction=‘1’ indicates south-bound trains, direction=‘2’ indicates northbound trains. For U4 and U5, direction=‘1’ indicates east-bound trains, direction=‘2’ indicates west-bound trains. For example, setting directions: ‘1’ can be used to get all south-bound trains at Scheidplatz.

lines list (Optional)

One or more line numbers, e.g., ‘U2’ or [‘U2’,‘U8’,‘N41’].

products list (Optional)

One or more modes of transport.


all 5 modes [‘U-Bahn’, ‘Tram’, ‘Bus’, ‘S-Bahn’, ‘Nachteule’]

timeoffset integer (Optional, default: 0)

Do not display departures leaving sooner than this number of minutes. Useful if you are a couple of minutes away from the stop.

number integer (Optional, default: 1)

Store a list of departures in the attribute “departures”. If you set this parameter to 3, the next three departures will be stored.

name string (Optional)

You can customize the name of the sensor, which defaults to the station name.


Full configuration

The example below shows a full configuration with three sensors that showcase the various configuration options.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: mvglive
     - station: Hauptbahnhof
       name: Hbf
       destinations: ['München Flughafen Terminal','Markt Schwaben']
       products: "S-Bahn"
       timeoffset: 2
     - station: Sendlinger Tor
       lines: ['U2','U8']
       number: 5
     - station: Scheidplatz
       products: ['U-Bahn']
       directions: "1"

The first sensor will return S-Bahn departures to Munich Airport or Markt Schwaben that are at least 2 minutes away. The second sensor returns U2 and U8 departures from Sendlinger Tor and stores a total of 5 departures in attributes. To retrieve the time until the second departure, you would use state_attr(‘sensor.ENTITY_NAME’, ‘departures’)[1].time. The third sensor returns all south-bound U-Bahn trains from Scheidplatz.