Network Configuration

This integration provides network configuration for integrations such as Zeroconf. It is managed by going to Settings > System > Network and is only available to users that have “Advanced Mode” enabled on their user profile.

Auto detection

Auto detection is based on the system routing next hop for the mDNS broadcast address (

If the next-hop has non-loopback, non-link-local, non-multicast addresses, auto detection will use the interface that corresponds to the next-hop (commonly referred to as the default interface).

If the next-hop cannot be detected or is a loopback address, auto detection will use all interfaces with non-loopback, non-link-local, non-multicast addresses.


This integration is by default enabled, unless you’ve disabled or removed the default_config: line from your configuration. If that is the case, the following example shows you how to enable this integration manually:

Add the following section to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry